Soccer school

Soccer school will be back on saint Joseph’s on the 4th November.

This term year 1’s will play their first friendly. We are currently organizing a home (saint Joseph’s) and an away fixture for them. It will be great match practice. We have also been invited to play against Manchester city’s academy with the same age groups. We are discussing this although I think we should wait till later in the year if possible. I think the next 10 months are vital for this age group which are still looking for a few more players. But friendlies will be pivotal in their development.

The reception year already has enough players to field a side. This is only the second time we have had this amount of players in a reception class. Especially so close to leaving nursery. I feel the guys in reception have the makings of a fantastic squad in future and I’m excited to work with them for the coming years. Our young coaches Scott and Jono have worked with them I’m recent months and we are looking to progress to smaller sided games and enhance their control/first touch. This is unusual at such a young age but fantastic for the club.

Watching these young warriors of all ages of the soccer school progress and helping them to do so is the most rewarding thing I have ever been a part of. To all the parents of these wonderful children we are all proud to be helping them to progress. So we thank you for bringing them to our sessions every week and we hope you and your family like what we are providing.

As always we are looking for volunteers to help with the coaching/management of these young teams. If anybody is interested please contact me.

Gaz Curley